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DJ Tecknique

(Silent Disco)

DJ Tecknique

There are some things you discover as a child that lead you to where you are now in life. This story is no different. It was during childhood when DJ Tecknique’s fate was revealed to him. A chance encounter with a crate of records was the universe’s way of leading him to where and who he is now ... a well-established DJ in Chicago - his city, his home, his playground.

His curiosity began with mix-tapes, but after finding the crate of records in the alley behind a thrift store he became more intrigued.

“I once remember grabbing the crate of records, and from then on, I would ride my bike every night or morning while the store was closed, hoping I could find some more.” Lucky enough at the age of 15, Tecknique was able to practice his newfound skill on a friend’s set of turntables. Years passed and it was his passion that led him to play music for people at a young age with small gigs such as block parties and banquet events.

Maintaining a day job to buy equipment and records, DJ Tecknique remained dedicated to his passion and worked on his DJing career every night after work. His first break came in early 2003 when he won a regional DJ competition. The notoriety of the win ultimately led to multiple residencies at venues in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

In 2005, after establishing a good reputation with multiple bar owners and promoters, he decided it was time to go pro and quit his day job. In just a few years time, Tecknique became a resident DJ at Sound Bar night club, which is not only one of the most popular clubs in Chicago, but also among the top-rated clubs in the country. In Tecknique's years of experience there, he was able to share nights with some internationally acclaimed DJ’s such as Afrojack, Bad Boy Bill, Bingo Players, Deorro, Green Velvet, Will.I.Am and many more popular names in the music industry.

At 9-years in residency at Sound Bar, DJ Tecknique proves his consistency and dedication to providing an excellent service. With over ten years of professionally livening up events, the skills and talents that Tecknique has developed as a DJ cultivated him to become an “open format DJ.”  This allows him to infinitely expand his music genres and cater to a greater audience.

Aside from being a resident DJ at Sound Bar, Tecknique has also achieved residencies at other distinguished venues in Chicago. He has provided entertainment at over 500 Chicago Cubs home games at the DraftKings (formerly The Captain Morgan Club) where he has been the resident dj for 6 years. DJ Tecknique is a recognized name amongst Chicago Cubs fans who are avid patrons of this famous venue in the historic Wrigley Field. He can also be found at his monthly residencies at STK, 115 Bourbon St, Estate Ultra, Trophy Room and J Parker Rooftop.

During the summer, Chicagoans and tourists look forward to dancing to his sets while on many different yacht events that cruises through the Chicago River out in to Lake Michigan.

While he has successfully established himself as one of the top talents in the Chicagoland area, Tecknique has also been able to reach a wider audience with bookings in other U.S. cities with many performances in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Palm Springs. And at the international level, Tecknique has performed DJ sets for annual events since 2013 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As well key events since 2015 at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for Spring Break and the Annual NCAA tournament.

DJ Tecknique's early discovery of his love for music and DJing has evolved from a curious passion into a flourishing career and festive lifestyle. He forever continues to seek to expand his talents and further his abilities— the world has yet to see the full potential of DJ Tecknique.

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